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What to Pack for a Multiday, Desert Ultra Marathon

I have had a lot of people ask me about Gear used in a multiday, desert running race.  I have completed the Sahara 250km footrace and the Atacama desert crossing 250km footrace. Here are some of my learns, tips and tricks to help any budding desert runner.Whether you are doing the Gobi March, Atacama Crossing, […]

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Smuggling Budgies over the finish line

We did it. We managed to haul our asses over the line and after a tumultuous week, we did it in style. We did it in Budgies! The final day saw us run the short 8.2km stretch from the overnight camp back to San Pedro. The finish was set in the square of the town […]

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Atacama Desert – It’s finally here.

Well it’s finally time to head off on another adventure. After wetting my desert appetite with the Sahara race in 2010, I’m now ready to take on the driest desert in the world in another 250km, self supported footrace. Event Details: 250km endurance footrace 6 stages held over 7 days Competitors are self-supporting, carrying all their own […]

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