About Richard Bray

Richard is an experienced global executive who is passionate about helping ‘start up’ businesses grow and scale. With experience in many international markets, Richard specialises in growing high performance sales teams and preparing businesses for funding or I.P.O.

Born in New Zealand, Richard has spent time in the Australian, United Kingdom and United States markets. Richard currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand with his wife and daughters and is the COO of PredictHQ.

Previously, Richard was the Co-Founder and Director of The Urban Collective Media Group – a digital media agency; the Founder and Managing Director of REMCA Ltd – a business growth consultancy and an Investor, Board member and Non Executive Director for FreshFitnessFood – a bespoke, fitness food business for individuals who are serious about nutrition.

Outside of work, Richard is a keen Extreme Endurance Athlete completing many marathons, triathlons, Cross Country Skiing Races and Ultra marathons. His racing feats include the Racing the Planet – 250km Sahara and Atacama footraces; the Endurance Life Coastal Marathon series; the Paris, London, Berlin, Nice, Auckland and Rotterdam road marathons; American BirkieBeiner cross country skiing race as well as the Ironman in Switzerland. Richard’s most recent achievement is a 10th place finish in the Atacama Crossing – 250km Desert footrace in South America, and 9th Place in the UTO SwimRun championships in Sweden. Richard is currently enjoying the NZ Xterra trail races and is registered for the 2017 Racing the Planet Patagonia race.