Rotterdam Marathon 2012

After starting the year with ambitions of hitting the sub 3hr mark, work and wedding commitments took over and my training faltered.  A few long runs and some steady base runs got me to the start line but I knew this was not going to be a sub 3hr run.

I set out with the ambition of finishing as fast as possible but in good shape so I could cary on training afterwards and aim for a sub 3hr time in one of the Autumn Maras.


I started strong and held a firm pace. The course was flat and it was a little cold but I felt strong. I settled into the race and found a couple of runners around me to pace off. Music in, sunnies on, it was going to be a long day.



I kept chowing down on Gu and taking on water. I knew race management was going to be key. It turned out, I had underestimated how tough the day was going to be or overestimated my pace coming out of the gates. At the 30km mark I was still on for 3:05.


Everything was going well till I hit the 35km mark. Energy drained, cold from the wind, I was on a downer. I pushed hard as I knew I was still on for a good time but my 3:05 time was slipping away. I pushed hard but my legs were starting to give. I knew I didn’t have long so I kept pushing through the pain. I made it to the finishing chute in such a state I hardly heard Emma cheer me on. I grimaced my way to the end and pushed my body beyond what it was meant to do.


I collapsed over the line happy and exhausted. 3:09 was a PB. I limped through the recovery drink chute to find my fiance. I was in trouble. I had pushed it too hard and my body was in shut down mode. The boys call it the  “Helly Hansen moment” after a tough race a couple of years before. I well and truly helly hansened myself and could barely walk. Emma helped me back to the hotel for a night of recovery. There was to be no running for quite a while – my legs were shot.

It took me two months to recover from this race. Lesson learnt! I did gain entry to the London Marathon ‘good for age’ section because of this time so it was worth it!!



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