Richard Bray and Mark Power warming up for the American Birkie

American Birkiebeiner Cross Country Ski Race (55km)

Cross Country Skiing is such an epic sport that many people are yet to discover. We discovered the merits of the sport in Finland and when Mark found this race in the US, we had to sign up. It’s the biggest Cross Country ski race in the US and it was to be one of […]

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What to Pack for a Multiday, Desert Ultra Marathon

I have had a lot of people ask me about Gear used in a multiday, desert running race.  I have completed the Sahara 250km footrace and the Atacama desert crossing 250km footrace. Here are some of my learns, tips and tricks to help any budding desert runner.Whether you are doing the Gobi March, Atacama Crossing, […]

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Richard Bray finishing Avalon 50mile

Catalina Avalon 50miler

With a dodgy stomach and little training, what better way to kick off your year than to jump head first into an ultra!! 50miles of tough terrain over Catalina island which is off the shore of So Cal. My little family came to support me and I was proud to have my biggest, little fan […]

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Mark Power and Richard Bray after the MadHatten Race

MadHatten 2014 Race Report

The officially unofficial NYC Madhatten race of 2014. Hosted by Mark Power and run by NYC underground enthusiasts! With my good friend Mark Power hosting the race, this has been on my race bucket list for some time. 2014 was the year for us to tackle it together. The race is approximately 55km and starts […]

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Water Crossing - UTo

UTO Swimrun Championships – Sweden 2014

It’s been a while since I posted and this is a must write post. The UTO swim-run race in the Swedish Archipelago is one of my top 3 favourite races.  Tim Whishaw was my partner for the event and we went with Travis Weston and team captain – Daniel Bell. Uto Swimrun is a 35km […]

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Under Armour Compression Shirt

Time for the first gear review! Many people have asked me about running gear and running nutrition so, I thought I would add some post specific to gear and food. Running gear and clothing is more than just a luxury when you get to ultra distance. Especially when you get into the desert and the […]

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Atacama Crossing Medal

Smuggling Budgies over the finish line

We did it. We managed to haul our asses over the line and after a tumultuous week, we did it in style. We did it in Budgies! The final day saw us run the short 8.2km stretch from the overnight camp back to San Pedro. The finish was set in the square of the town […]

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Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 08.02.09

Long Distance Relationship

The race is now pretty much over and man it’s been a tough week. Yesterday was the pinnacle of pain and joy. The title of the blog today says it all. Long distance relationship with a lot of things – my wife who has been so supportive and caring, Mark who has run across a […]

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